In an earlier post, I wondered if the President of the House of Deputies would preside in academic regalia. The House has convened for orientation, and I am delighted to report that President Bonnie Anderson is presiding in a doctoral gown!

The gown itself is black, and I believe the hood represents a theological doctorate from Episcopal Divinity School. I shall confirm this or invent something else, as time permits.

I saw President Anderson enter the House in street clothes. When she stood to Preside, it was in the gown. So there must be a secret changing room back stage. I imagine this must be a cross between Batman’s lair and Superman’s phone booth. 7WD will investigate.

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2 Responses

  1. Your reporting is almost enough to make me glad that General Convention is happening.

  2. Bob Chapman says:

    So far this website has told us about the only important things happening at Anaheim.

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