Why don’t more men go to church?

Anyone in parish ministry has doubtless run across couples in which a woman goes to church while a man stays home. (Yes, this is an exclusively heterosexual view of couples, but this is due to the accompanying chart. Please humor me.) For years, experts have debated this trend. Some say it started in the 18th century, others in the 19th. I don’t believe this chart would have helped, published as it was in 1939. Women are given ten bonus points for taking the kids to church and letting their men sleep in on Sundays and holidays.

Someone tell Pope Duncan about this, right away! He’ll probably want to work it into the canons of ANCA or ACNA or AACN or whatever they’re calling themselves these days in Pittsburgh or Fort Worth or wherever. Make sure this bishop finds out too. It will fit right into his “I’m thinking about sex whilst celebrating mass” worldview.

As for me, I’m going to put it into the “glad I don’t live in that world” department.

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2 Responses

  1. Phil Groom says:

    Maybe not entirely hetero: #10: a good wife should be gay

    So where’s the husband’s chart, then??

  2. Fr. Alexander says:

    The derision that has greeted Bishop Wantland’s latest deliverance (mainly on other blogs) is disheartening. While a soundbite doesn’t lend itself to a sophisticated exposition, does his position differ substantially from the teaching of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches?

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