The words of the “Blue” Book

Every Bishop and Deputy to General Convention received copies of the so-called Blue Book several weeks ago. This massive tome contains reports from various and sundry committees of the Episcopal Church, along with nearly 200 resolutions for consideration by General Convention. Though it is called “blue” it is actually crimson. And we wonder why people get frustrated by insider talk in churches! But I digress.

Lots of bloggers have been toying with Wordle lately. Just today my fellow blogger, Peter Carey, has posted Wordles of several Anglican documents. A picture is worth — and in this case made up of — many words. I thought it would be interesting to run the so-called Blue Book through the Wordle machine. This is what came out:


Theological conclusions, anyone? After you figure that out, go check out Wordle.

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1 Response

  1. Is Jesus in there anywhere? I can’t seem to see him…

    Perhaps this is a good comment on your earlier post about the elephant in the room!

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