Things people say after first visiting a church

If you want real authority on Anglicanism, look no further than Father Christian Troll. His GAFCON blog speaks with an authority and confidence that is (almost) unrivaled. In a recent post, he notes things that first time visitors to churches sometimes say. Sadly, I suspect this is one of those jokes that’s funny because it’s true.

Here is a sample.

  • “The nasty lukewarm coffee they begrudgingly gave us after the service showed they really care.”
  • “It would be so rewarding to become a part of all this in-fighting.”
  • “We liked the way the regulars kept staring at us.”
  • “Next time we’ll leave a bigger offering if they treat us more rudely.”

Now, go read the whole thing. How many of these things could have been said in your congregation?

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