I am the…LEGO

The Gospel according to John is chock full of “I AM” statements. Jesus never got around to saying, “I am the LEGO,” but he might have if the Gospel had been set in modern-day Scandinavia. Proving that you don’t need marble to have a giant sculpture of Jesus in your church, one Stockholm parish has used local materials in a remarkable way.

Parishioners in a Stockholm church now have an appropriate depiction of the Messiah; a 6-foot tall LEGO statue of Jesus. The 30,000 piece statue was unveiled on Easter Sunday to a capacity crowd of 400 parishioners. The statue took the work of 4o volunteers a total of 18 months to complete, and is a replica of the Christus statue on display in Copenhagen. It is completely comprised of LEGOs [sic] donated to the church; and though it has the stone-like outside appearance of white LEGOs,  it is contains a combination of colors on the inside of the statue.

Read more here.  h/t The Blingdom of God.

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