7WD robbed! And by a Ship of Fools, no less!

Oh, the outrage! As you will know, dear reader, your intrepid blogger has been providing authoritative coverage of the church and the swine flu fear pandemic. We’ve been at it, non-stop, since we heard about the first instance of over reaction. Hey, if it worked for Fox News, why not us?

Now, it seems, the Ship of Fools has decided to get in on the action. And for their leading joke, they’ve cribbed a bit of humor from 7WD. That’s right, number 10 on my list of 10 Ways to Make Church Safe During a Fear Pandemic is “Presider wears a haz-mat suit.” And what is their first joke? Pictured alongside a haz-mat suit, they write, “new clergy vestments are now available in case of a further outbreak of the deadly virus.”

I know all the Fools over there know about 7WD, since there’s a link to 7WD on their forum. So obviously they took my idea, since there is no possible way two people could have thought of this independently. The question is, what shall I do in response to this clear provocation?

They are British. I am American. Maybe they think I’ll just talk around it, and maintain a poor-me response. Not so. The American response to this is to (a) threaten litigation and (b) cut off all communication. Based on my observation of Anglican Communion matters, I am declaring “impaired communion” with these shifty Fools. I might be contacting lawyers. I’ll just head over to the next meeting of the AAC and talk to one of the many lawyers who must linger there, ready to provide cover for the next time someone wants to make off with a church building or maybe an entire diocese.

You might ask why I would sue a bunch of Fools? Well, I’m not suing them because they are Fools. I’m interested in their Ship. Ships are worth a lot of money.

I will, of course, end my litigation and restore full communion with the Ship of Fools if they link to me or otherwise recant. I might also just decide to take revenge. I’m considering starting a new website: Boat of Dumb People. That will teach them.

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1 Response

  1. Bill Locke says:

    Scott – This is clearly an outrage and an example of colonialist oppression. In order to fully respond to this you will need to:
    1. Request your own bishop to provide adequately orthodox oversight in this time of distress, or,
    2. Proclaim yourself to be Archbishop-elect of ACNA – Anglicans Claiming to be Never-endingly Aggrieved.

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