Photos from Italy

Photography is a bit of a hobby for me, as you’ll see if you visit me on flickr. I recomend you start with the sets or collections pages. Anyway, I’ve just finished uploading some photos from a recent trip to Florence, Venice, and Rome. Here are three photos to encourage you to look further. You see Florence, Venice, and Rome.

You are welcome to use any of my flickr photos, with attribution, for noncommercial purposes, per the terms of the Creative Commons license. I welcome feedback, especially critical feedback (and corrections to caption info).

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2 Responses

  1. Shauna McFadden says:

    Beautiful pictures! We are planning a trip to Florence, Venice, and Rome in the fall. Your photos are delightful.

  2. Peter Carey says:

    Beautiful, three of my favorite places…

    …I am green with envy, and enjoying your pictures! Just great,


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