Lent at 7WD

Hello, dear readers! I’m back in the blogosphere. While others fast from blogging, I plan to keep 7WD full of Lentastic material. Those of you who are not fasting from reading might enjoy this, I hope.

The parish I serve has produced a small prayer & scripture meditation booklet. There’s a scripture reading (taken from the daily office lections, usually) and a prayer for each day from Ash Wednesday through the Sunday of the Resurrection. I’ll post all those here — one per day.

This Friday is George Herbert’s feast day, so you can look forward to my Second Annual Herbert Festivall starting February 27. Each day for a complete octave, I’ll post a Herbert poem with some commentary. Last year I posted bit from A priest to the temple each day. You can find materials from last year’s Herbert Festivall here.

We won’t be all-Lent-all-the time. I have a stash of humor and sundries to post. So, enjoy!

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