The Obameter

Lots of my leftist friends have been taken in by the Obama-is-my-savior phenomenon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited by President Obama and the promise he brings. But he’s only human, despite what some folks think. He will fall short and he’ll make some mistakes. Soon he’ll have to make dire compromises. It’s how the Washington game is played.

Want to track how he’s doing? Check out the Obameter. It looks fairly nonpartisan to me. The St. Petersburg Times identified about 500 promises Obama made on the campaign trail. They plan to track his completion rate in this handy graphic. My guess is that it’ll be much higher than W’s rate. At this point, it looks pretty bleak, until you remember we’re in Day 4 of the new presidency. At this rate, he’ll have everything done in the first year. Easily.

So let’s all keep an eye on how things are going. The Obameter seems like a good way to do that.

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  1. Father Tim says:

    Thank God there’s no such thing as the Rectormeter!

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