Inspiration from snow

Well, dear reader, I apologize for the great lapse since my last post. What can I say? Parish priests are busy around Christmas, and so this blog suffered a bit of neglect. I have a bunch of stuff queued up, as I always do after these dry spells. For a couple of days, I’ve been paralyzed — wondering how to suitable resume 7WD activity and begin this new year.

This evenings snow storm has provided the inspiration. Rhode Island is gripped by panic. We are getting 4-10″ of snow. Snow! Putting aside my bitterness that the parish Average Sunday Attendance will plummet tomorrow as people cower in their homes, I have decided to approach all this with levity. I bring you the Snow-pacalypse:

I could just as easily recorded tonights evening news from Providence. It would not have been much different. This is all part of our culture of fear — and so we must of course be afraid of frozen falling water. Sigh.

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2 Responses

  1. Malcolm says:

    Usually we don’t get snow in periods of extreme cold. However, this winter we’ve had several snowstorms while temperatures were down as low as -40 celsius (which is the same as -40 farenheit).

    Our former bishop used to remark on “a Sunday so bitterly cold that only the aged and infirm were able to make it to church.”

  2. Ann says:

    Too weird — Sandy is right below Mt Hood – you’d think he’d seen snow before.

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