Wise up! It’s time for the Great O Antiphons

My colleague in the Diocese of Rhode Island priest (and MA resident, like me), John Alexander, has the scoop on the Great O Antiphons. Depending on whether you follow medieval English use or Romish customs, today or tomorrow begins the Great O Antiphons. You can read all about it on his blog, to which you should also subscribe. (He often has good posts on the sanctoral calendar.)

Wishing to avoid controversy, I have decided to post my entry on the O Antiphons now, after sunset on December 16. You Romish readers can think I’ve celebrating the vigil of O Sapientia. You Sarum subscribers can delight in my post on this, the first day of the the Great O Antiphons.

Either way, I hope you’ll celebrate these final days of Advent with holiness, awe, joy, and hope.

Image from the Congregation of the Sisters, Immaculate Heart of Mary. If you visit their site, they have some lovely prayers for each of the O Antiphons.

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