O come, O come, Emmanuel

To get you in the mood, dear reader, for these days of the Great O Antiphons, I give you this recording of “O come, O come, Emmanuel.” Let me say, I was unable to find a completely satisfactory recording on youtube. I was looking for a “Songs of Praise” style recording of a congregation singing. Since I was unable to find what I was looking for, you get this version, lovely in its own way.

Don’t get on me about the color of the candles in the video. I’ve already taken enough flak for my choice of Advent wreath candle colors in the parish I serve, having been told that I’ve “ruined Advent” for people. Sigh. Just to normalize this recording, I have a doozy of a recording of this tune for you tomorrow.

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3 Responses

  1. What is the story with “ruining Advent”? Did you use a rose candle this week? Did you not use a rose candle this week? Please tell us of your terrible error, Father…….

  2. Thanks for this – I missed the Advent Procession in our Cathedral (also my parish church!) this year, so have been lacking in Advent-y goodness.

    Now digging around the Great Os from the wealth of links you’ve lead me to – inspiring stuff for a prayerful readiness for Christmas. Thanks!

  3. i think i have settled on the following deal. if it were adopted, much peace could result.

    the congregation doesn’t get to complain if the rector changes the vestments, moves the furniture, alters the colors, shifts the flowers, pushes the altar around, appoints the “wrong” hymn, and such.

    the rector gets this wonderful free pass provided she follows the rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer without making little exceptions, personalizing touches, “adaptations”, improvised dismissals, and such.

    what is interesting about this deal, is that it is actually the one already in place.

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