Archbishop Rowan Williams on Advent

Watch this video. The ten minutes it takes will be some of the best time you spend. This is the Rowan Williams we can forget amidst all the strife in Anglican-land. This is the wise, gentle man we can forget about if we only think of him as a political leader and not as a spiritual leader.

A tip of the mitre to BabyBlueOnline.

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2 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    It occurs to me that viewing him as a political leader may be part of why we’re in our current difficulties. Toward what end do we expect a political leader to be oriented? Toward what end do we expect a spiritual leader to be oriented? In the long term which will be more beneficial to the community?


  2. Susan Wright says:

    I didn’t know that 2 of the Advent candles represent Mary and John the Baptist! Who do the other 2 represent?

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