A sign of the endtimes (or the triumph of bad taste)

Warning: if you listen to this, you may suffer “earworm” and be unable to remove the trite melody from your mind. On the upside, you’ll be familiar with what may be the worst Christmas song ever.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post a Christmas song on 7WD during Advent. This is for illustration purposes only. Do not attempt to sing at home. Void where prohibited, which should be everywhere.

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1 Response

  1. Dee Tavolaro says:

    Scott, I must say when I saw this post I was ready for a good laugh. Instead I found myself being very shocked and surprised and in great disagreement with you. Dominick the Donkey is a classic and favorite song for so many little Italian boys and girls. Certainly not a sign of the end times.

    For what’s worth, Dominick the Donkey isn’t on a Christmas Album. It’s on Mob Hits II album. So it isn’t a Christmas classic, but a Mob classic. Better be careful about how you insult it 😉

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