This Friday: buy, refuse, or make?

This coming Friday is called “Black Friday” because it is is hoped that on this day retail budgets will go from red to black. (Of course, it’s not the busiest shopping day of the year, but it’s the famous one!)

Many Christians rightfully struggle with this day, with its rampant consumption and angry mobs of shoppers. Over at Theolog, were are reminded that there are choices:

For more than a decade, Adbusters magazine has been promoting Buy Nothing Day, an anti-consumerist alternative to hitting the malls on Black Friday.

The values behind Buy Nothing Day impressed Ecclesia Collective co-founder Jason Evans and his wife, but the event itself clashed with their belief that gift-giving has a proper place in Christian community. So in 2003 they hosted their first Make Something Day gathering, at which friends taught each other art, craft and cooking skills. The idea has caught on a bit, and Evans continues to spread the word online.

I’m not so handy with the crafts, so I lean toward Buy Nothing Day. But you, dear reader, might enjoy making gifts while everyone else it slogging it out at the mall.

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