Let’s talk about church restrooms

From the good people over at Church Brand Architects:

Have you ever gone out to eat at a restaurant and seen food on the floor, grease covering the walls, a very unsanitary look to the place? Let me ask you, would you eat there?

If your answer is no!!! Then think about how your church looks to the average visitor. Is the grass cut – Are the doors painted – Does your church look like someone cares? I invite you to take a walk around your church property and look at it from the eyes of a visitor.  Ask yourself, does this visual picture really represent my church? And, as a consumer would I visit this facility?

By this test, no one should come to the parish I serve. Paint is peeling off some of our doors (though not the main doors that we use for our worship space). The landscaping is a bit…tired. Our restrooms seem to have been updated in 1884, 1985, or 1958, depending on which one you visit. They need some help! Reading this has reminded me of the urgency with which we should approach this. Aside from ensuring spotlessness every Sunday, there are ways we could improve our restrooms — and our whole physical plant. If I encountered our restrooms in a restaurant, I would think twice about whether I’d want to return to eat there.

If you pop over to the linked blog post, read what they have to say about marketing within restrooms. These days lots of places have the sports page up in the men’s restroom. I can’t speak with much authority about the situation in the women’s room. Anyway, there seems to be a compelling case for having some material available for visitors to your restrooms. As the blog points out, you have someon’s undivided attention for a few minutes!

What it’s like in your church building, dear reader?

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  1. warriormare says:

    Hmm… those ubiquitous tract racks? Put those right outside the restrooms. Bet they’d get picked up and read more often!

    These are some important observations – thank you for the thought-provoking post.


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