Primer on the missional church

J. R. Woodward has written a primer — an encyclopedic posting and catalog of links, really — on the missional church. This phrase, proliferating amongst the trendies of church-land, is packed with meaning. It encompasses emergent worship, a focus on mission (hence the name), and perhaps most of all, a kingdom-oriented stance. Woodward writes:

With the buzz about the missional church, and a the desire to acquaint people in the congregations I serve on the topic, I decided to write a primer on today’s missional church. A primer is designed to introduce someone to a topic substantively but not exhaustively. I say today’s missional church, because the focus will be with the recent history of the church. My hope is that God might whet your appetite for further study and practice in missional living.

So start with Woodward and keep reading. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to make your own congregation a bit more missional in its outlook.

A quick PowerPoint slide goes to opensourcetheology for this one.

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  1. JR Woodward says:


    Glad you found the post helpful. Thanks for the HT and much grace to you.

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