Things are looking good for Obama. First swing-state results due soon.

Voter turnout is very heavy. In absolute numbers (as opposed to percentage), this is expected to be the largest turnout ever. This is good for Obama, since it appears that the Democratic Party’s registration efforts will have paid off. Many African-Americans and younger voters are fired up about Obama, and they seem to be turning up. Of course, it’s still early. Back in 2004, things looked good for Kerry about this time of day, as exit polls started to appear.

The polls have closed in Indiana and Kentucky now, in some counties. Soon we should start to see actual returns. Kentucky is expected to go toward McCain, so a surprise is unlikely there. Indiana is a bona fide swing state. The last RCP poll average had McCain up by 1.4%, well within the margin of error. This will be a harbinger of other states to come, as we start to see actual poll numbers. Will we see a Bradley Effect? Will the urban bits of northern Indiana affect the results? We should know in just a few minutes.

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