Stewart/Colbert v. Blitzer/Anderson

So I tuned away from CNN to Comedy Central. Here’s what is astounding to me. The news content is nearly identical, both in quality and quantity. Where CNN is all about setting up special graphics effects, Comedy Central is all about setting up jokes. Where CNN has a panel of talking heads, Comedy Central has Steve Forbes. Where CNN has BreakingNewsTextAlerts, Comedy Central has simultubes.

I give Comedy Central the edge for three reasons. First, the “commentators” don’t talk down to the audience. Second, it avoids repetitive blather. Third, it’s funny.

It’s sad when a comedy channel competes with a so-called news channel at news delivery. It’s even more sad that the comedy show succeeds at being entertaining, where the news channel just seems hopelessly antiquated and relentlessly simple.

My vote is that Comedy Central have coverage for the whole of election night next time. I’ll be glued to the set.

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  1. ginny says:

    we switched to MSNBC for commercials, but pretty much left it on CC. The Harvard Law guy was a big hit with us, as was the desk-measuring bit. The titles, juiced and flambé juiced, were hysterical. My favorite state-victory graphic: the rhino with the laser that produced a golden Viking helmet. What? Yeah.

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