OMG! Princess Leia to be next guest on CNN!!

I’m watching Wolf Blitzer. I’m not sure why. Jessica somebody-or-other is appearing on the show as a “hologram.” She is free of “distracting” “local scenery” so that she can appear with Wolf as a ghoulish presence. All we need is R2D2 and the effect will be complete.

If the BBC ever does something like this, the world will end. It’s bad enough with CNN. As soon as I can get a screen grab, I’ll post it here. See my other post on the dumbification of America.

By the way, I’m going to be the first to declare: “Wolf Blitzer is a chucklehead.”

Illustration courtesy of Gizmodo.

UPDATE: I got the screen grab from the always-witty Wonkette.

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3 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    Are you sure Jessica didn’t tell Wolf to move the imperial fleet to the far side of Endor?

  2. Joel says:

    The dark side of the force is definitely at work. Where is Master Luke when we really need him!

  3. Joel says:

    Well, I couldn’t quickly find the Princess Leia hologram, but I found Vader, the Emperor (hologram) and Legos all in on clip…enjoy

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