Don’t panic, leftist friends!

I’ve gotten phone calls and IMs from my leftist friends, worried that things aren’t looking great for Obama. I’m not worried. Here’s why.

  • It’s early. There are lots of results to come.
  • Even if Obama loses every single swing state, he’ll still win the election. He’s not going to lose every swing state.
  • In Indiana, one of those swing states, Obama is outperforming Kerry in the 2004 election. This means that as numbers are coming in, they’re looking good for a potential Obama win. That’s a harbinger of great Obama performance.
  • The same thing is happening in Virginia. As the rural counties are coming in, McCain is not doing as well as Bush did in 2004. Expect an even bigger jump once Richmond and the Washington suburbs report. It’s possible that Obama will win Virginia, which would be huge.

On another note. Wolf Blitzer can’t shut up about the technology. Suzanne Malveux (or something like that, since I can’t be bothered to look it up) is on screen. NOT as a hologram! That’s good, right? The only problem is that Wolf had to point out how great Suzanne’s microphone was. I’m not making this up. “Suzanne, we heard every word you said… These are the same microphones we used at the convention…” You can forget any actual analysis when the commentators are fixated on holographic microphones.

So we liberals may see a pyrrhic victory this evening. We’ll win the White House but lose the intellectual life of our nation.

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4 Responses

  1. Carolanne says:

    Please pontificate more, oh wise one, on your comment of losing the intellectual life of our nation?…

  2. Melodie Woerman says:

    Earlier Suzanne couldn’t be heard at all because of the maddening crowd behind her. Wolf asked that someone get her a new mic, thus his delight with this one. Maybe that’s what happens to someone with that much airtime to fill.

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