A night of history

I wish one of my great heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr., could have seen this night.

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4 Responses

  1. Susan Wright says:

    I am almost speechless. Transformational. Grateful. Proud. Filled with emotion. We did it!!! Thank you, God. Thank you, America.

  2. i assume because you mean he would weep about the results in California, right?

  3. (which is to say to Susan Wright, no, we have not done it. not yet.)

  4. Scott Gunn says:

    Thomas, most of us around these parts of the interwebs will agree that the passage of Prop 8 is a failing of the authentic American spirit. We’d like to see equal rights for everyone. It hasn’t happened yet, sadly.

    Does that mean that the election of Obama wasn’t historic? Does that mean that people can’t celebrate an extraordinary moment in American history.

    While it’s not right to ignore a real failing, I hope you’ll agree that it’s also not right to deny others a celebration.


    P.S. If we can’t have joy until everyone has won their dignity, it’s going to be a joyless world. I don’t want to live there. So I’m going to have some joy when I see it coming my way.

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