Bishop Mark Sisk on the financial crisis

New York Bishop Mark Sisk has written a letter on the financial crisis. It’s good stuff — a Christian take on what’s happening and what our response should be as Christians.

…such moments of crisis also have the power to elicit the very best that the human heart has to offer.  It is that very best that Christians are called to offer, now and always.  It is our deepest conviction that though there can be no dispute that the physical circumstances of our lives are important, yet the truth that we have been shown in Jesus is that the ultimate, the real, foundation on which our lives rest, is not on the health of our bank account but rather upon the abiding love of God. The gospel that we have heard, and have been called to proclaim, is not that the darkness is not dark, it is rather that the light of Christ will over-come it.  The hope that is ours is rooted not in an unbroken chain of triumph and success but rather the cross of Christ that brings life out of death.  Therefore, we need have no fear. Our identity is not defined by our bank accounts but by God’s love. The ground on which we stand, the abiding love of God for us and for all creation, is solid ground.

This is a message with which our churches should be resounding these days. Have no fear. Our culture is all about fear and scarcity, and our church should be all about hope and abundance.

Today when the stock market opened, CNN sent out a news flash reporting that the DJIA had dropped 500 points in five minutes. Of what use is this information? For traders, they surely knew it already. For most of us, the minute-by-minute fluctuations of the market are not important. (There was, by the way, no parallel news flash later on when the market rebounded.) But if CNN can get me to panic, I’ll find a TV and tune in. They have everything to gain by instilling fear in all of us.

So next time you’re about to freak out over the economy, reread Bishop Sisk’s letter. Or remember the words of Jesus: be not afraid.

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