The new Holy Trinity?

Apparently, some Americans believe that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is ripe for improvement. invites you to “show your love for God, the President, and the USA.” George Bush is the new Messiah!

I quote:

If you are tired of secularists telling you that The Lord has no place in our government and our public institutions, then show them that you disagree.

This symbol, this site, and this car magnet have been created for the millions of Americans who support the President and his vision for a government that embraces religion, morality, and family values. It shows worship to the Lord, respect for the President, and hope for all.

I hate to sound like a “secularist”, but I think these people might benefit from reading, say, the Gospels. Part of “family values” must surely include the economic provision for families to thrive. Gospel-based family values are things like a living wage, affordable health care, and excellent schools. Jesus never taught that people should “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.” Rather, he told us to share what we have. Everything we have, actually.

Jesus had some thoughts on government and religion too. Remember the part about rendering unto Caesar? That might suggest that Our Lord did not find it necessary to link our practice of religion with our state. A good case can be made for the opposite preference, in fact.

Anyway, I shudder to imagine how this country would devolve if the new Holy Trinity became the law of the land. All the more reason to pay attention to our politicians and to vote carefully this November.

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  1. Scott,
    You might be interested in an article I wrote in the last issue of The S. Stephen called “Understanding American Civil Religion.” It speaks directly to the phenomenon you reference here. Copy and paste both lines of this link:


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