What to watch for in tonight’s debate

Today’s NY Times has a preview of tonight’s debate. Watch for McCain to try to paint Obama as too inexperienced. Watch for Obama to portray McCain as tied to the Bush administration and its failed policies. Polls have suggested that Obama is perceived as more compassionate than McCain, so don’t expect Obama to go for the zingers when McCain attacks. During the first debate, I thought Obama was too much of a pushover. Apparently Joe Six-pack doesn’t agree. The voters seemed to like Obama’s gentle, learned approach.

Also, pay attention to the town hall participants. These are supposed to be undecided voters. How can one be undecided at this point?! I’ll be interested in these people and their questions. It is difficult for me to grok an undecided voter. Sure, I favor Obama. But I can sort of understand the conservative who is issue-bound to McCain/Palin. What I just cannot comprehend is someone who doesn’t know how they’ll vote — unless, of course, they haven’t been reading or watching the news. Any insights, dear reader?

Debate predictions are most welcome.

The live-blogging here will commence about 8:45 p.m. EDT. I’ll be online for IMs on facebook, should you wish to send your questions/rants.

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  1. i think one reason one could be undecided is that different personal commitments weigh in contrary ways.

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