Homeland Security is monitoring this blog

I am not making this up. A little while ago, someone from the Department of Homeland Security visited this blog. First, they landed on “I’m voting Republican.” Golly, they must have been in for a surprise. Me voting Republican? Not so much!

Then this visitor proceeded to visit other pages, and I believe they have subscribed to my feed. So I consider myself to be officially monitored. If I disappear, please check in Cuba and sundry Eastern European countries to see if I’m there.

It’s amazing to notice the difference in visitors once you start writing about politics. Imagine if I were to weigh in with my thoughts on the “War on Terror” or something.

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5 Responses

  1. Melody says:

    Ok, how do you know this? I mean, how do you know for sure that it was someone from Homeland Security?

  2. Scott Gunn says:

    I can see the hostnames of all the machines that visit. There was a visitor form dhs.gov.

  3. Robt. Zacher says:

    Congratulations Scott!

    You have merited official dhs.gov notice. Keep up the good work!

    No doubt Stand Firm provided Homeland Security with a list of left wing, subversive web sites on which you merit a place of importance.

  4. BillyDinPVD says:

    Oh, but surely if this were real Homeland Security (Gawd, I hate that name, but at least they didn’t pick Mother America or Fatherland Security) business they would have been careful to visit from a computer that didn’t give the hostname as DHS. Maybe this is some crypto-sane person at DHS visiting your blog on her lunch hour.

  5. Peter Carey says:

    Wow, first banned by Gafcon, now monitored by homeland security…

    …on the other hand, maybe someone at Homeland Security is just a fan of George Herbert!? Or, maybe some of them are Christian…or, maybe the terror threat is so low they are just bored.

    Hmmm, pretty interesting.


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