…the rest of the story (is just starting)

As a youngster, I used to listen to Paul Harvey on the radio sometimes. I guess he’s still going strong. At least when I used to listen, his daily segments always began with the setup. Then there was an ad in the middle. The second half of the program was always “the rest of the story.”

Anyway, back in May I posted about the search for a priest at the parish I serve. Through emails, facebook, and the blog posting, we received a number of applications from some amazing priests (and a few deacons). It is heartening to know that there are so many gifted clergy in the Episcopal Church.

After some interviews and some screening, our discernment committee reached a strong consensus. Our sense was that God was calling one particular person to join us at Christ Church. In early September, we were delighted to welcome the Rev’d Melody Shobe to our little corner of the world. Melody and her husband (also a priest) moved to Rhode Island from Texas, where they were serving parishes in Houston. You can read more about Melody and her work at Christ Church in the Autumn issue of our print newsletter, The Chronicle.

Over the next few months, I’ll be writing more about the ongoing transformation and growth at Christ Church. It’s an exciting time. Having two priests does more than double the person-hours of priest time each week; it creates a leadership dynamic that can be inherently collaborative. I’ll have more time to think, and I hope Melody has lots of thinking time too. In another post, I’ll have more to say about how two priests is more than twice as good as one priest.

Anyway, since I began the story here, I thought I should let you know how things have turned out so far. The adventure gets better and better.

Oh, on a more specific note, it seems that Melody and I are well suited to be effective colleagues. To wit, I give you a comparison chart. As you’ll see, we agree on many important things, with only four known significant areas of disagreement at this point.

Scott+ Melody+
Rubrics Actually follow them Actually follow them
Hymn 686 Top 10 Favorite
Smarties Love them Love them
Good coffee Essential Essential
Pro-dog, anti-meat Yes Yes
Bibliophile Yes Yes
Cassock & surplice Approve Complicated (but not so much)
Chocolate Love it Not so much
Children’s sermons Loathe Like
Lost Gilligan’s Island with an airplane “awesome show”

I welcome additions or corrections, especially from Melody. 🙂

UPDATED: See comments, below.

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3 Responses

  1. For those of us who are the other side of the pond and may not have the same hymnal as you…. 686?

  2. Scott Gunn says:


    Come thou fount of every blessing


  3. Melody Shobe says:

    I think my exact perspective on cassock/surplice was “it makes me look like a giant marshmallow/ the Michelin man/a ghost”… Plus the poofy sleeves make me exponentially more likely to knock Jesus all over the fair linen.

    I think our agree column should also include “coffee”– YES.

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