Greed Creed

Go visit ASBO Jesus and check out the Greed Creed. It pretty much sums up our present social values in the US. Sadly, I suspect it sums up the faith of many people who attend church weekly. Sure, people will talk about Jesus, but if you look at the faith as something that’s lived, not just expressed, you’ll often see a faith that preferences material goods over spiritual abundance.

Take, for example, the unquestioned way in which the US Congress just passed a $700 billion bailout package, to preserve markets. We are told that this was necessary to avert an economic disaster. Yet when posed with moral disasters — say, for example, 50 million people without health insurance — we are told we cannot afford this. We Americans have allowed our politicians to privilege markets over morality. (I’m not talking “family values” here, but actual Christian morals of unconditional love for all.)

So here’s my question. In what specific ways does your parish regularly challenge the Greed Creed? If we are not explicitly challenging it, that’s what our people will believe. It’s the consistent message on the radio, in newspapers, on television, at the mall, and just about everywhere else these days.

Go ahead, let us know how you’ve challenged the Greed Creed lately.

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