Will this end church as we know it?

The good people at Park Community Church are messing with the very bedrock of the Christian faith: the Sunday leaflet. More to the point, they have engaged in a radical new (revisionist, possibly heretical) programme involving the suppression of weekly notice sheets (“announcements” as the kids like to say).

What’s up with that? Don’t they know that all God-fearing Christians expect to find weekly announcements in their hands every Sunday, without fail, world without end?

Actually, I think this is brilliant. The weekly leaflet as a core part of the faith can’t be more than 150 years old or so. Times have changed, and so must our communication methods. In the parish I serve, we have a weekly email newsletter that seems to generate the most buzz. (We print it out each week for those who are not Internetized.) We have a website, which is the source of many visits from our guests. We still produce a regular print newsletter. And, of course, we produce weekly notices.

Do we still need to do all this? They consume an enormous amount of time and not a small amount of trees. I’m not sure I could embrace the radical agenda of canning the weekly notice sheet, but I wonder if others have moderized their communication methods. Has your parish, gentle reader, done something whacky with communication? Like it? Hate it?

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2 Responses

  1. As a Church office secretary I know the amount of time the pew sheet creates. I also know the amount of grief it causes because of a hymn number being wrong on the pew sheet.

    At selection conference, I suggested the imaginary parish we were discussing should get rid of the pew sheet. This caused such an uproar.It was more controversial than the sexuality debate, and had more heat!

    Anyway, I intend to do away with the pew sheet once I am in my own parish. I think there must be better and greener ways to communicate the weekly news.

    And don’t get me started on the “Liturgy of the Notices”……!

  2. Peter Carey says:

    Hey Scott, I realize great (or crazy) minds must think alike…I wrote this piece a few weeks ago and it was just posted on Episcopal Cafe: http://www.episcopalcafe.com/daily/environment/save_a_tree_shrink_your_sunday.php

    I love Christopher’s comments that the suggestion to get rid of the pew sheets “caused an such and uproar. It was more controversial than the sexuality debate, and had more heat!”

    Very interesting…

    Weekly News…Reprinting our fine BCP…seems pretty wasteful of time, talent and treasure (and the environment as well!)


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