Happy bday, LEGO minifigure!

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Looks like I’m having a bit of a Youtube festival today. This one relates to the core of my childhood: the LEGO. In particular, it relates to this week’s 30 year anniversary of the debut of the LEGO minifigure. Wired says this:

On August 25, 1978, the Lego minifigure was born. This was a hugely important transition for Lego. For many years they sold sets allowing builders to create cars or buildings, but something was missing — a human element. The minifig gave them that humanity, and very quickly it became an iconic symbol of the company second only to the brick itself.

The first minifigs had yellow skin and fixed, pleasant expressions. It was not until 1989 that this changed, with a pirates set debuting figures with eye patches, hook hands and peg legs. 1997 saw the minifig’s official entry into the digital realm, starring in the videogame Panic on Lego Island. It was not until 1998 that minifigs with realistic skin tones were released, in conjunction with a new line of sports figures. As of 2004, all licensed products featured minifigs with natural coloration.

Don’t miss this Youtube tribute to the minifigure:

I’m just wishing you could get LEGO copes, chasubles, dalmatics, and tunicles for a proper minimass.

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  1. mibi52 says:

    Scott, I’m presuming you’re familiar with that other wonder of Lego culture, the Brick Testament (http://www.thebricktestament.com/)? A bit R-rated, but fun stuff.

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