Sign war

This has been making the rounds of the blogosphere. I’m really sorry I can’t remember where I saw it first, so I can’t give proper credit. I hope this doesn’t ruin my blogging karma. Anyway, enjoy.

Sign war

Sign war

UPDATE: Note, thanks to A Different Street for catching this as another project of the Church Sign Generator. I should have thought to check there. This revelation doesn’t change the humor, though it would be a better story if these bad been real signs. Could someone with a marquee sign please engage another church in an epic battle of words?

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6 Responses

  1. the amazing part is the “read your bible” taunt. i mean, where in the bible are they talking about? i don’t recall the bible ever discussing the point.

    indeed, the point seems to have more to do with Platonism than Christianity.

    and to know that there are no rocks in heaven? huh?

  2. Madison says:

    Oh wow, that is hilarious!

  3. John-Julian, OJN says:

    Pity the poor Presbyterian dogs!

  4. This was so worth the time to check out it made my morning! I love “Free Dog Souls with Conversion”

  5. Kit Wang says:

    One might assume that there is at least one rock in heaven, since Peter is reputed to be there taking attendance??

  1. August 27, 2008

    […] I’m not sure I believe it, but it’s funny anyway. Read all the way to the end. […]

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