Answering fringe media: Is there a rival Covenant circulating at Lambeth?

BabyBlue Online asks the question. The answer, as reported in the Living Church, is “yes.” But it’s not as exciting as it’s made out to be. The “intrepid” Steve Waring could have gotten a copy as easily as anyone else. In fact, there are several alternatives floating around. I happened to read this particular one in its entirety and I can say that it will not get the time of day from anyone. The Covenant Design Group will make further revisions next spring, and that’s the only one that matters, really.

There was a self-select session for “concrete proposals” to ameliorate the situation in the Communion, and I believe this draft of an alternate covenant was presented there. It was not the only proposal. Some of them may be helpful. But the Lambeth Conference is not like other events that BabyBlue might have covered. I do not expect last-minute surprises of consequence. The Covenant process is moving along (whether or not that’s good is a matter for debate). The final statement of the Lambeth Conference has been circulating for all to see. Sorry, but sometimes a Conference is just a conference.

All this talk of “rival” drafts and so forth makes it sound as if there’s great intrigue, angst, and crisis here. The differences here among bishops are very real, but there’s none of the usual operatic drama that some might like to find. This Conference presents a new narrative, requiring a fresh reading. Sadly, many people will stick to the old familiar librettos, waiting for a scene that may never take place.

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  1. Bob Chapman says:

    Anyone reading this blog will know there has been talk of alternate covenants:

    In particular, my Bishop Suffragan posted on this subject early on:

    Nedi rules! (And Greg isn’t too bad, either.)

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