Shameless appeal for 7WD access

Clock Tower, Palace of WestminsterImage by lokulin via Flickr

It looks like the staff of 7WD will have a free day in London on Monday. I have heard rumor (or “rumour” if you prefer) that it is possible to get a tour of Big Ben to see the inside of the famous clock. My hopes were dashed though when I learned that these have to be booked long in advance.

So if there are any potentates, primates, parliamentarians, powers, principalities, principals, pashas, or proconsuls reading this, it would be grand if you could somehow arrange for our staff to get one of these coveted tickets. The staff started out quite large on this trip, but we’ve dwindled to just me. You can choose fame and fortune with a mention here on 7WD, or you can remain completely anonymous.

If you can fix this up, I’d love to hear from you. The clock is, as they say, ticking. Thank you for your time. You may now resume your regular blog reading.

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