Running into a plank

Every Wednesday I look forward to receiving Leading Ideas, an email newsletter from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership. Today’s issue starts with this:

I learned a lesson about leadership early in my childhood from the game “follow the leader.” Selected as leader, I lined up my friends behind me for a trek through the neighborhood. I stepped forward and turned my head to make sure others were following. Immediately, I walked directly into a huge wooden plank used by a neighbor to support his boat and earned a gash in my forehead that required several stitches. Several insights about leadership are revealed in this incident: Leaders and communities pay a price for not paying attention to where we are going. Others will not always point out obstacles.  And the practice of leadership itself, while weighted with responsibility for organizations and other people, can also be conceived as a form of skillful play.

I think there’s relevance to the Anglican Communion in that lesson. Make sure you read the whole article, and go subscribe to the email newsletter right away.

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  1. Peter Mayer says:

    Lovett Weems approves of you buzzing his newsletter.

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