Preview of the coming week on 7WD

This will be the final week of the Lambeth Conference. Other blogs will be obsessing, along with the bishops, on the sex stories. I’ll be covering the other bits. I’ve had less time to blog, so I haven’t had time to post reflections and serious things, but I’m hoping to do that.

I imagine that the press and right-wing bloggers will be in high gear now. For that reason, I am hereby launching the Festival of Debunkery. If I see something in the press (or certain blogs) that’s wrong, I’ll correct it here. If you wonder about the truth of something, please let me know, and I’ll try to get to the bottom of it.

During a very pleasant day with friends, I did have some time for a bit of investigative work. Look here for a major exclusive in the next day or so.

On a more serious note, let me say that I am optimistic about the outcome of the Conference. The bishops with whom I’ve spoken are all saying that they believe things will turn out well for the Communion and all its members. The sensationalist stores that I’ve seen are simply not to be believed (except of course for the sensationalist stories that you read here on 7WD).

If there’s something you’d like to know more about or see photos of, please let me know by email, facebook message, or comment on 7WD. I’ll do what I can, time permitting.

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