Heresy from Pittsburgh?

You might recall that the preacher at Sunday morning’s opening Eucharist in Canterbury Cathedral ended his sermon with a bit of chant, done in a Buddhist style. Bob Duncan had this to say: [the chant is] “very, very troubling” since it was an “invocation of something other than the God we know… to have a Buddhist chant at an Anglican sermon does not reflect the God we believe in.”

Hmm. This is the text that was chanted:

I take refuge in God the Father
I take refuge in God the Son
I take refuge in God the Holy Spirit
I take refuge in the One Triune God.

Oops! So Bishop Duncan doesn’t believe in the Triune God? Or he felt that it was OK to pontificate before having the facts in hand? Either way, this shows that the right-wing secessionists are more eager to grab headlines than to speak the truth. Sad, really.

Thanks, Bishop Alan, for bothering to learn and to speak the truth.

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