7WD EXCLUSIVE: rabbits are undermining things here in Canterbury

An innocent-looking rabbit outside the library at the University of Kent.After a recent post on the importance of “exclusives” I thought I better post one pronto. I have heard it from a highly placed source in the Church of England — or someone who at least knows people who know people who are high up in the church — that there is a big problem here at the University of Kent.

Anyone who has even been to the Lambeth Conference 2008 will know that the place is teeming with rabbits. Lots and lots of rabbits. If there were rabbits with purple fur, they could start RAFCON. But I digress.

Apparently these rabbits have to live somewhere. Many of them are said to live under the library. Now we are getting to the exclusive (though the possible formation of RAFCON is a secondary exclusive). I have heard that the warren of rabbit tunnels is causing problems of the structure of the university library.

So basically, the university is engaged in a bitter fight between books and rabbits. No one knows yet which will prevail. Remember, tell all your friends you heard it first here at 7WD.

Photo from flickr user benc.

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