Disturbing development in the Dave Walker story

Sure, he seems nice enough. Who would find reason to mistrust a cartoonist? But regular readers here know that something may be amiss. Over in another blog posting, a commenter tipped me off to a disturbing situation. You can see a photo of it over on the right. That’s Dave Walker’s tent in the background. Then, just in front of that is the stage (for whatever purpose Dave intends to use it). Finally, in the close foreground, you’ll see the feathery remains of some kind of bird. How did this bird meet its demise? Can it be a coincidence that the observed only bird death so far at the Lambeth Conference is right next to Dave Walker’s area?

I don’t know what Dave is up to, but I did notice he had chicken for dinner two nights ago. So we know he doesn’t mind offing a few birds here and there. He cleverly had his entree removed before I saw him this evening. Will Dave fess up to involvement in this bird’s tragic end? Will he explain the connection, if any, to his cartooning and dancing?

Sure, some of you will be thinking that this is all circumstantial. I boldly walked into Dave’s tent and snapped this photo. I think it says everything that needs to be said.

The 7WDBI have been scouring the Conference for additional stories, and I have a humdinger. I may have Communion-wide ramifications. Stay tuned to 7WD for all the details.

UPDATE: All joking aside, make sure you read this post, about a real problem that Dave is dealing with.

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10 Responses

  1. MadPriest says:

    I think it may be worse than you think. Those are not chicken feathers. They may be goose but more probably swan. The pigeon in the second photo was probably just a mid-morning snack.

    But Walker is protected by some very powerful people nowadays. I doubt that he will ever be called to account. Anyway, I’m sure he’s not the only ornicidal maniac at Maidstone this week.

  2. Pax Vobiscum says:

    Stop! You may be jumping to conclusions. As MadPriest so helpfully points the evidence is cast from different species. And as we all know, now is the moulting season (why else would 600 bishops huddle together in relatively dowdy plumage? In 2 weeks time they will all have grown colourful new copes and mitres). So the loss of a pigeon pinion and swan down on the grass may well be natural occurences.

    On the other hand… please keep a close check for whether any Tchaikovsky is played at or near the ‘Cartoon tent stage’. This could be indicative of a most macabre form of litugical dance. You might also wish to check the stuffing of any cushions in said tent.

    It will be interesting to find out if such happenings stop once Mrs Walker arrives.

  3. Aaron Orear says:

    Perhaps these are simply loose feathers from the Angel of Cartoon Inspiration that regularly descends upon our Mr. Walker?

  4. Do you think the legs are an illusion and Todd Bentley’s actually levitating the stage, all the way from Florida, and he punched a duck to do it?

  5. TimT says:

    Preposterous. I have it on good authority (from someone who once spoke to another person who is related by marriage to a person who has allegedly attended the conference) that Dave Walker was attacked – ATTACKED, I say – by a vicious eiderdown pillow.

    He had no choice but to defend himself!

  6. Ann says:

    Not much news at Canterbury??? LOL.

  7. I know for a fact that Mark Brewer did it.

  8. Careful, Simon, accusing someone of being a “complete schwannstücker” might lead to SG getting a cease and desist from SSG (and that *would* be confusing)

  9. pao says:

    Ahhh that could be the victim of the stray campus cat, currently called: Sushi (he seems to like raw food you see).

    I gather he is rather keen on rabbit as well.

  10. Peter Kirk says:

    Perhaps Dracula, friend of St Stephen the Great, was searching for Dave, but could only find birds to impale or worse.

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