Bishop Alan on indaba

You’ll be hearing a good bit about “indaba” over the coming days. This is the term which describes the small groups in which the bishops will meet at the Lambeth Conference. Some commentators are miffed that Archbishop Rowan Williams didn’t schedule legislative sessions with resolutions (and anathemas, no doubt). I’m one of those people who think that the current agenda is just right. The time to settle vexing questions is not in the midst of mistrust and anger. First, you have to recognize others as humans, then you have to empathize, and then you can move toward reconciliation.

Bishop Alan Wilson, who will be blogging the Lambeth Conference, has much to say on indaba. Make sure you read is whole post, but this seems to capture the essece of what the Conference will seek to accomplish:

We have to decide whether we want to be undertakers, or whether we see ourselves as on the egde of a very special thing God may be doing. I have been, quite honestly, pretty amazed by the cynicism of some commentators already — “all they’re going to do is have a prayer meeting and study the Bible — what’s the point of that?” The more I think about it, the more power there is in shared listening to God in the Scriptures and in prayer. In spite of nostalgia, fear and the dangers of syncretism we live in this world, in this generation, because God has called us to do so. It may be evil and adulterous, but it always was, and it holds out possibilities as well as threats. We cannot solve problems on the level that produced them. As ever, without faith it is impossible to please God.


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