7WD is off to London

The entire staff of Seven whole days (writers, editors, bloggers, producers, camera people, media handlers, paparazzi, hangers-on, interns, and so forth) are about to get on a plane in Boston, headed for the dreaded Heathrow in London. Thank goodness we don’t have to pass through Terminal 5.

We used frequent flier miles for the ticket, and because of a strange set of rules, we were able to get an upgraded seat for the price of an economy seat. This is a good thing, because most of our staff are quite tall. Unlike the Stand Firm crowd, we have to travel on free tickets, since we don’t have that river of IRD money to pay for private jets and so forth.

We expect to have a couple of days of holiday on London, and then the entire staff will board a train for Canterbury. Assuming we don’t get banned, we’ll have further updates during the Lambeth Conference.

We’ll try to get some blogging in whilst we are on holiday. Cheerio, pip pip, and all that.

UPDATE: We have arrived, having been greeted by scores of well wishers. OK, not really. Your intrepid blogger is wandering around London today without a plan. That’s a great thing — the eye of relaxation before the proverbial storm of the Lambeth Conference.

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