Out of lockstep — on board with mission

Contrary to the impression that some people have, not everyone in ECUSA is liberal and not everyone in the “Global South” provinces is conservative. More to the point, there are plenty of people who would like to move past all these categories. Many of us would like to focus on the work of the church in worship, evangelism, formation, and mission.

Here’s a case in point, showing that not everyone in Uganda is on board with Archbishop Henry Orombi’s agenda of schism:

Archbishop Henry Orombi found time last week to attend the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) in Jerusalem.

There, according to press reports, and in line with the traditionalist objectives of the conference, “the Archbishops of Uganda and Nigeria attacked the Archbishop of Canterbury’s failure to discipline the US Episcopal Church for consecrating an openly gay bishop (Gene Robinson) in 2003.”

Internal Anglican politics have no interest for me. But what does interest me is that busy Orombi should be worrying so much about what is happening in faraway USA, spending days on something irrelevant for Uganda in Jerusalem, when he should be giving priority to his domestic agenda.

And surely topmost in that agenda is the corruption that is here, there and everywhere in our country.

Yes, there are things more important than the “crisis” in the Anglican Communion. It seems that more and more people are wanting to just get on with life and discipleship.

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