Anglican news roundup

When it comes to parish ministry, in can be important to monitor the angle that mainstream media takes on religious stories. I can tell when some reporter has written another schism-coming-and-ECUSA-is-about-to-be-punished article. People at coffee hour might ask, “What happens if we get ‘kicked out’?” I always say (a) that’s not going to happen and (b) it wouldn’t affect parish ministry and (c) I’d be sad at any additional division in the Church.

In any case, it’s worth glancing at a few articles that have appeared prominently on websites today. They’re likely to be in newspapers tomorrow. I’m not going to add much additional commentary on these articles or the recent GAFCON statement, other than what I’ve already said.

  • Reuters has this: “Conservatives say not quitting Anglican Communion.” Lots of quotes from David Anderson and Archbishop Akinola. No balancing quotes from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the ACO, or ECUSA.
  • There’s an AP story, but I’m not linking to it. AP has behaved very badly, attempting to collect licensing fees from anyone who quotes more than five words, and no blog should link to them.
  • The NY Times has this: “Anglicans Face Wider Split Over Policy Toward Gays.” More balanaced than the Reuters article, and includes a quote from NY Bishop Mark Sisk.
  • Uganda’s government paper, New Vision, reports that the schism has been accomplished: “Anglican church splits over homosexuals.”
  • In the UK, the Telegraph has: “Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, sidelined by new global Anglican movement.”

The faux newspaper illustration is courtesy of the Add Letters newspaper headline generator.

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