Scenes from GAFCON

BabyBlue has created a video of GAFCON scenes. Ann sent it to me, and I encourage you to watch it.

In the Interwebs it’s easy to demonize those with whom we differ. I’ve used the term “gaffe-con” in good fun, I hope. But I recently received a thought-provoking email from a friend gently reminding me that one person’s fun is another’s derision. In our struggle for unity, if we are take it seriously, we must decide how to treat one another, especially those who differ from us.

My sense is that there’s not enough humor in all our dealings, so I seek here at 7WD to be respectful (if cheeky at times). While I poke fun at “unwanted posters”, I’m also willing to poke fun at MDGs on the wall behind Eucharistic altars where Creeds and prayers were once written. In other words, while I dish it out, I try to receive it nicely. Perhaps we all cross some lines at times, and I hope that this will be pointed out. For myself, I hope to be gracious and to stay on the loving side of the humor/derision line.

This video is quite helpful, because it reminds us all that GAFCON is people. Readers may not agree with them, but they are children of God, seeking Christ’s mind in the church. It may be objected that “they” do not always show the same respect to “us.” Perhaps. But we cannot let the sometimes bad behavior of a few people set the tone for all of us, no matter who those few people are. We are all sinners, just as we are also redeemed in Christ our Lord.

So let us more often take stock of who we are. Let us look at our whole church, and give thanks for the life of the spirit wherever it is found. And let us not forget that the church is made up of people, imperfect as they are — imperfect as we are. Thanks for the video, BabyBlue. It’s good to be reminded that GAFCON is full of beautiful people made in God’s image.

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5 Responses

  1. BillyDinPVD says:

    Well said. Of course, I wish that this charitable assessment of one’s “opponents” were as evident among the GAFCONians, as well.

  2. PaulW says:

    A great reminder Scott … Ridiculing those I disagree with comes all too easily to me.

    But MDGs? Millennium Development Goals? Or a fog machine? (See –“Creating better fog for 25 years”!)

  3. Peter Mayer says:

    Mmmm. Moving. It all makes sense now. We’re all the same. Let’s all hug.
    /really glad there was sparce piano playing instead of actual audio which would have betrayed those lovely scenes of people discussing tradition and orthodoxy rationally

  4. John-Julian, OJN says:

    Yes, Peter. I don’t think anyone I know has suggested that GAFcon people were ugly-LOOKING. I think they were- by-and-large – quite handsome. But when I read their words and hear their quotations I find something less than beauty.

    Humor? O.K. It is obviously deeply significant that one bishop doesn’t know how to wear a biretta! :-))

  5. BillyDinPVD says:

    I read something that I thought was very odd at Thinking Anglicans: at GAFCON two African Anglican bishops signed an agreement with the Presiding Bishop of the Church of England in South Africa to take over a parish operated by the CofE’s Diocese of Europe in Portugal’s Algarve. The part where Anglican bishops interfered with matters in other Provinces didn’t strike me as strange – we see enough of that here in the States to be really surprised any more. What I thought was weird was the active presence of the Church of England in South Africa in the GAFCON process. They seem to be rather like the Reformed Episcopal Church – they left the Anglican Communion in the 1930s, have lay presidency at the Eucharist, and edited out references to baptismal regeneration and absolution from their prayerbook – along with excising the word “catholic” from the Creeds! This is the face of Anglican “Orthodoxy”?

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