The cost of being banned – UPDATED

UPDATE: It seems that things may be OK on my end, after all. I’m grateful for all the notes of support, righteous indignation, and financial help. I’ll contact those who gave money to arrange return of it, since I’m unlikely to need it. If you’re inclined to help with Lambeth Conference progressive coverage or the work of building a church where no one is banned, please make a donation to the Canterbury Campaign or to Inclusive Church in the UK. I don’t much like personal drama, so I apologize for the on-off-on-again nature of all this. I guess I’ll chalk it up to Anglican life these days. Your support shows that there is much life among Anglicans, and it gives me much hope for the future of the church. Thanks to be God.

I’ve had some fun being banned from GAFCON. It was my first official banning. May it not be the last.

Along with the fun side, there was a cost. I had planned to go to the Lambeth Conference where I was to serve as a volunteer photographer and communications staffer for an entity that I’ll leave nameless. It seems that my infamy is now seen as a liability for them, so I am not able to serve in that capacity. I had used some frequent flyer miles to get myself a ticket to London, and the unnamed entity was to help me with food and lodging.

Here’s the deal. I’d like to go to the Lambeth Conference. If I’m there, I’ll work closely with my friends at Inclusive Church, who are planning a progressive presence with a marketplace stall and many events. Some of you may remember my blogging coverage of the Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam. I’ll fill the Interwebs with regular reports, photos, and analysis of what’s happening. I think it’s important to have progressive bloggers there. Otherwise you’re coverage will be limited to a few conservative blogs.

You can help send 7WD to the Lambeth Conference!

If you have a few extra dollars, please consider donating some funds. I’ll cover some of the expense myself, but a priest’s salary does not leave much room for three weeks in England with a weak dollar! As a vegetarian teetotaler, my costs are low. Anyway, you can use PayPal to make a contribution. If you’d rather send a check, just email and I’ll give you the details. If you’re planning a larger gift and want to ensure that it’s tax deductible, please contact me.

I’ll gladly give a penny-by-penny accounting to any donor who wants it. You’ll be paying for lodging, some meals, travel from London to Canterbury, and customary incidentals. If there are extra funds, I’ll donate that money to Inclusive Church UK for its ongoing work ensuring that there’s room for everyone in our church and that no one is banned.

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8 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    I am truly sorry to hear that your infamy has cost you the financial support of said “entity.” I hope you are able to raise the funds to make your presence known and to work with Inclusive Church UK. We have all been having fun with this Gafcon Guffaw, but this goes to show that while ridiculous (you have always come across as thoughtful, well-spoken and rational heretical rabble rouser) being banned from one event is having a ripple effect. Unpleasant business. I hope your notoriety leads to offers of support in the near future.

  2. Peter says:

    I am not happy that you lost this gig…

    …I am going to try to free up a bit of cashola for you to be there…


  3. Peter says:

    Oh, GAWD, do I have to dip into my pockets again; all to send you to have tea and crumpets?

    OK, I’m in for $100. Who’s with me?

  4. Scott..that just plain sucks. I sent you a bit of spare.

    Here’s hoping you get there!

  5. Caroline Thompson says:

    Count me in too…how do I send it?

  6. Scott Gunn says:

    Thanks, all, for your support — prayers, outrage, and money. See the UPDATE for news. It seems that I won’t need money after all this. For those who donated, I’ll promptly arrange return of your gift! Perhaps you’ll give that money to another worthy cause.

  7. william rowland says:

    I am sorry that you were banned and unwelcomed. but you are in good company with the others who were banned. I wish I had gotten acquainted with you earlier as I am just now learning of you. However, this has been going on for sometime when Gene, Katherine and others were told not to come to Lambeth. So is it any wonder that this would happen. I assume that you attended Jerusalem Gay Pride which I understand went off without incident despite the Mayors efforts and those in the legistlature to stop it.

    I feel outrage for you and particularly the ABC even though I am frustrated with his methods of trying to keep us all together and instead makes no one happy on either side of the issue.

    I am of the opinion that gay people belong in the Church and the Church should sanction their marriage—–and that comes from the old condemnation of fornication outside marriage.

    I would like to contribute but we on this side of the atlantic do not have the benefits of socialized medicine that you have there. I have just gotten out of surgery and although I have not gotten the bills yet—that will be a rather pricey deal.

    Gene Robinson has proven his worth both morally and spiritually. It is a great sin to do what Akinola has done and is doing —murdering gay people right and left with his tongue and sponsoring execution legistlation in Nigeria.
    Christ loved and accepted all people unconditionally and said nothing against gay people. It was in Jerusalem that James, Brother of Jesus, called the first Council of Jerusalem and it was ruled then that Christians are not beholden to Orthodox Jewish Laws. Christ said nothing against gay people and neither did the the disciples as alledged—what they did say is that heterosexual folks should not engage in same sex acts at the temples of Venus et al. Paul was run out of Ephesus over such matters.

    You have my support, my prayers et al. I will send something as soon as I can so give details how to send and where since this involves International currency exchanges if you are in Britain as I understand.

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