Why stay in the Anglican Communion?

Louie Crew has graciously allowed me to share one of his emails to the House of Bishops/Deputies email list. The conversation was about the value of ECUSA being in the Anglican Communion. Louie writes:

There are so many, many more reasons for us to remain in the Anglican Communion:

  • collaboration with other Anglicans in doing ministry
  • sustaining our rich heritage of common traditions of worship
  • discovering our flaws from those bound to us with affection
  • bearing loving testimony regarding flaws we see elsewhere
  • receiving the insights of those who live out their faith powerfully with remarkably less resources than we have
  • having a wide network of friendship when we collaborate with others to respond to natural disasters
  • major checks on our spiritual pride and arrogance
  • major help in avoiding making God in our own image, by encountering God in so many people who do not look like us or agree with us
  • major ways to see Jesu in the neighbors we have from Jesu

And so many, many more.

TEC has no monopoly on the Truth, nor does any one of the other 37 provinces of the Anglican Communion. We need each other, especially when we find ourselves not liking each other.

Let’s stay at that table prayerfully, lovingly even should some physically try to eject us. Love does not insist on having its own way. Love is patient and kind. Love bears all things.

Thanks, Louie. Your words are a gift to the church. You are a gift to the church.

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