Trade a paperclip for a house?

:en:One red paperclip, the paperclip that Kyle Macdonnel traded for a house.

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Our scriptures tell us that with God all things are possible. Say, for example, someone told you that it was possible to trade a red paperclip and get a house. I’m not sure if God was involved, but that really happened. A few years ago Kyle MacDonald began a series of trades. He began with a red paperclip. Wired reports that during 2005, MacDonald made a series trades “which included a movie role, a snowmobile and an afternoon with heavy metal rocker Alice Cooper — that led to the deed for his humble abode in rural Canada.”

Now MacDonald wants so trade the house for something else.

MacDonald plans to accept offers until July 11 and finalize a deal the following week. So far, he’s gotten one proposal: a red paper clip. “They didn’t say how big it was,” MacDonald said. “But maybe I’d take it.”

I have little to add. Wow. I can’t decide if this bodes well for the future of humanity, or if it’s some kind of sign of the apocalypse. In any case, I won’t take red paperclips for granted. And here I thought only red staplers had value.

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