This blog is too smart for its own good?

Blogger Perpetua of Carthage ran some tests on blogospheria Anglicana. Based on the results, she concludes that conservative bloggers offer “greater intellectual engagement” than progressive bloggers. [See note below.] Setting aside the problems of machine-based textual analysis, there are other potential interpretations of the data. Maybe progressive bloggers shun pretentious verbiage? Perhaps conservatives aren’t capable of writing blog posts with the “plain meaning” that they crave in scriptures?

One big flaw in reaching conclusions based on the available data are the results of Seven whole days. This blog must be so clever that analysis was impossible. This blog wasn’t anywhere from “junior high” to “genius.” 7WD is off the charts! Is any other explanation possible? Given that 7WD offers off-the-charts brilliance, doesn’t that change the results of Perpetua’s reasoning? Based on her own logic, doesn’t that mean that the progressives win the cerebral smackdown?

My favorite feature of Perpetua’s posting is the very inclusion of 7WD among such a distinguished pantheon of bloggers. Here I thought I was toiling in quiet obscurity. Little big I know that I was writing a “well known” blog. Woot!

UPDATE: Perpetua has graced this blog with a comment, correcting my posting. She rightly points out that her post maintains that conservative blogs “require” greater intellectual engagement, rather than my summary saying that they “offer” greater intellectual engagement. I stand corrected.

(Image from jodifabulous.)

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4 Responses

  1. I’d really like to know how that “analyzer” is programmed. I ran it once on my blog at a time when the front page had lots of Latin and suchlike esoterica on it, and it came up as junior high level.

    Maybe it was all the American Idol blogging.

  2. Perpetua says:

    Hi Scott,

    I ran your blog so many times and couldn’t get a result. I kept thinking I wasn’t doing something right. Finally, I gave up. It was requiring too much intellectual engagement!

    Require. Hmmm, that’s the word I actually used in the post, too. I didn’t write that the conservative blogs offer greater intellectual engagement. I wrote that “it appears” that they “require a greater intellectual engagement”. Subtle difference.

  3. Scott Gunn says:

    Perpetua, you’re right. I could have been more careful. Guess I was a typical sloppy progressive. 🙂

    I have a personal policy of not editing things once I’ve posted them, other than to fix typos. That said, I’ll post a note right now correcting this error.

    Mostly I was having fun with the whole thing. Hopefully that was clear about all else.


  4. Perpetua says:

    I like your post. It was funny. I think you have a good sense of humor.

    (Mine is a little too subtle. May require too much intellectual engagement. You know us conservatives.)

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