7WD live again, after 17WD

OK, so it took a couple of messages to get me going again here. First, this appeared on my facebook wall: “Just wanted to let you know that I have checked 7WD for 13WD with no success.” Ouch! Then when I was at an ordination on Saturday at our cathedral, we sang this blog’s eponymous hymn. Zoinks!

As long-time readers of this and my other blogospheric homes will know, writing here takes a back seat to parish and family life (most of the time). Here’s what I’ve been doing on the parish front. Since my last post, we’ve launched our campaign to raise funds for staffing and our buildings, we’ve been interviewing people for our curate’s position, and we wrapped up our church school program year. Plus the usual round of pastoral and administrative duties.

I use NewsGator as my blog reader of choice (since I now believe that bloglines is evil), and I keep a “clippings” folder for things that I want to re-read or write about. Usually that hovers around 8-12 items. There are 100+ things in there now. So I’d say you can expect a virtual torrent of postings here in the next few days as I clean out 17WD of backlog. Wish I could keep things even here, but I try to fit this into life, rather than wrapping life around the blog.

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