Holy Trinity — humor or sacrilege, a fine line

In our Sunday Forum today, I used two images to talk about the Holy Trinity. One of them was a slightly cheesy image of the Trinity, much like the one below (minus the humorous/offensive bits). The other was Rublev’s glorious icon. This gets my funny bone partly because of the art, partly because of the incongruity of Jesus’ question, and partly because of the Father referring to the Spirit as a pigeon. Call it a trinity of irreverence, or a unity of humor. You decide.

Of course, the image is from the MadPriest’s great blog, OCICBW. By the way, if you click the link, make sure you follow his advice before you listen to the audio file. I will not be held responsible if you hurt yourself or someone else.

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1 Response

  1. Christopher says:

    I like Fridolin Weber’s “Holy Trinity”
    For our Youth Group, I compare the Holy Trinity to a great rockin power trio (Rush, Cream): The drummer is not the bassist. The bassist is not the guitarist etc. But together they are the group.
    I suppose that is rather irreverent.

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