My life when I’m on a plane

So this is a purely self-indulgent post. OK, what post isn’t self-indulgent on a blog. Guess that was redundant. Anyway, this is my life when I travel, as written in the NY Times.

If you feel cramped when you fly, imagine the anguish if you were tall.

For extra-tall travelers, the discomfort continues long after the flight, as their feet dangle off the edge of hotel beds, forcing some to position their bodies diagonally, and as they dance what one tall traveler calls the “shower limbo” thanks to too-low showerheads.

“I truly believe it’s a serious disconnect. I end up literally booking everything myself, travel agents haven’t a clue,” said R. J. Brennan, director of strategic workplace for IA Interior Architects in its Chicago office, who is 6-foot-8. “In economy, my knees are embedded into the wire of the seat pocket — I’m literally wedged in and can’t move. On some small planes, I have to physically get off the plane to take my coat off.”

No need to reply. Just thought you’d like to know why I obsess over which seat on which kind of equipment on which airline when I travel.

I wonder if churches could help finances by having a “pew plus” section with better padding and more legroom?

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